SportPens: Spray.Bike paint in a pen

for ALL sports hardware

SportPens are a range of highly pigmented paint pens specifically designed to be used on solid, non-porous surfaces.

The detachable 2mm tough nylon nib has a rounded end, producing a perfectly even line on the straight or curve.

Our benchmarks in colour. 

Standard Pink
Perfect mid pink, just slightly darker than bubblegum pink. 

SportPens have been developed by the experts at Spray.Bike.

  • highly pigmented matte acrylic paint
  • Permanent
  • for solid, non-porous surfaces
  • high opacity
  • anti-scratch
  • anti-rub
  • odorless, safe, can be used indoors
  • high elasticity
  • water and weather resistant   

Great for: bike frames, scooters, saddles, inline skates, helmets, frisbees, rackets, bats, footballs, knee/shoulder pads, plastic, leather, vinyl
Don't use on: cotton, absorbent fabrics, T-shirts, baseball caps